Medical Simulation

Consult, Design, Build, Supply, Maintain, Facilitate, Repair

At Simpatico, we understand that simulation is a highly effective educational tool. While medical simulation training has been around for over a hundred years, the use of full bodied simulation training that recreates essential physiological markers has been developed only recently. Medical simulation technology is developing rapidly, and because of this our high tech 'Sim-Suites' are the perfect places to train and enhance medical skills.  Whether you need a new Sim Suite designed and built, technicians to run your current suite, or anything in between, Simpatico are here to help.

Simpatico is a preferred supplier of the NHS, currently running Simulation Suites in a number of hospitals in the UK. We have over 15 years of experience in medical simulation and deliver effective simulation across a range of healthcare professions - we have trained students, HCAs, nurses, trainee doctors and consultants. Simpatico also guarantees a complete package for your workplace. With experience in designing, building, renovating, running and maintaining simulation rooms, we can help you with a flexible package that is adaptable to changing priorities. We offer a very successful maintenance, repair and warranty service. We are able to guarantee a 48 hour repair service.