Iain Smith

I have been part of the delivery of effective and innovative simulation training for over 15 years. I work in simulation to support high quality healthcare in the South West.

Our simulations give the basis for effective feedback, professional debriefing, and most importantly, a real impact. I'm here to help you develop and run a great simulation environment in your workplace.

Ed Bartlett  

I provide an educator's perspective to our Simulation training. I make sure that the experiences and scenarios we develop reflect the best education practice. Expect me to ask 'What are your learning objectives?'

I enjoy working with medical educators, particularly clinical fellows in developing knowledge and skills towards TLHP certification.

Samuel Wakeling

Being a medical simulation technician at Simpatico has given me a real insight into the lives of healthcare professionals. I enjoy working with a wide range of people such as Doctors, Nurses,  Maintenance Staff and Students.  It has inspired me to follow a minor in Health Care Management at University. Designing the website has also given me an understanding of the level of detail Simpatico employs in designing, building and maintaining Simulation Suites. 

Lydia Miles

As a medical simulation technician I run simulated medical sessions and also act as a patient in complicated medical scenarios. At Simpatico I have worked with a range of healthcare professionals and hospital staff.

Ellie Lynch

I have found the experience of working as an actor in the Emergency Department a highlight of my time at Simpatico. Working with the medical students has been very interesting and has inspired me to pursue a career as a healthcare professional.