Consult, Design & Build


We offer impartial advice in the choice of simulation equipment, deciding between the 'Big 3' manufacturers, Laederl, CAE (METI) and Gaumard, can be a difficult process. Having over 15 years experience in medical simulation training, Simpatico understands that creating a suitable medical simulation environment is more important than your choice of manikin. We believe that roughly 70% of your planned budget should be spent on the simulation environment and the remaining 30% on manikins.


Simpatico can design a SimSuite that suits your hospital's needs perfectly. We carefully consider every factor in our design process and tailor a space that is both functional and practical. Having designed the SimSuites in both the Royal United Hospital in Bath and the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, we have the experience necessary to provide a professional service.


Simpatico are able to offer a complete building service and also work closely with in-house contractors and estates departments.